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Your Connection to Savings 

My_BRIDGE® is designed to save drivers money on their car insurance. By using telematics technology, My_BRIDGE rewards safe driving behaviour by gathering information on driving behaviour and habits.



  • Save up to 30%* on auto insurance.
  • Get 2.5-10%* off just for signing up; plus try the My_BRIDGE trial in the app for FREE and get an additional 5% discount (applicable in AB, NS, NB)
  • It’s free – My_BRIDGE is free for all Pembridge customers and there are no sign up or user fees.
  • No downside – My_BRIDGE will not increase your premium.
  • It’s easy – Simply follow the instructions provided to enroll in the program and you’ll be set up.
  • It’s secure – The data collected is confidential. It will never be used for the purposes outside of the My_BRIDGE program without your consent, except as may be required by law, and subject to the terms and conditions of your My_BRIDGE agreement.
  • It can improve your driving habits – You are able to review your driving history at any time, which may help you to adjust your driving habits.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Enrollment discount varies by province. Total savings may vary. Discounts apply to major coverages only.


How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up

Talk to your Broker to see if the program is right for you and how to enroll in the program.  

Step 2:  Install

After accepting the My_BRIDGE agreement, you will receive details on how to begin participating in the program. Follow the simple set-up steps, and you’ll be ready to start saving.

Step 3: Drive safely and save

My_BRIDGE collects driving data for 6 months and then rewards you for:

  • driving at safe speeds
  • driving during safe hours
  • minimizing frequency of hard stops



All Pembridge customers may be eligible for the My_BRIDGE program. Speak to your broker for more details.



You can download our free My_BRIDGE app from The App Store (iOS version) or Google Play (Android version) to your smartphone. This application will monitor two trips per day for five days (within 30 days) and replicate the My_BRIDGE monitoring process. This will give you an overview on your driving habits and your projected discount range. Customers in Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick who try the trial in the My_BRIDGE app are eligible for an additional 5% discount on top of the 5%-10%* enrollment discount - a total combined discount of 10%-15%*. (Excluding Ontario)


Need Help or Have Questions?

View our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the My_BRIDGE Support Team at or 1-866-320-4622.


* Enrollment discounts vary by province. Please discuss with your broker.