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Shopping for auto insurance can be a daunting task. To help you better understand your insurance policy we have outlined the different types of coverage available.

We encourage you to speak with your independent insurance broker to fully understand coverage required to meet your personal insurance needs.


Auto Insurance

Mandatory Coverage (varies by province)  

  • Liability – protects you if you are in an accident and you’re held legally liable for injury or death to other people. It also covers damage to their vehicle or property.
  • Accident Benefits – provides compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral expenses, and loss of income due to death and disability (not applicable in Quebec).
  • Direct Compensation Property – covers you for damage to your vehicle and to property it is carrying when another motorist is responsible (Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).


You Can Choose Additional Coverage

  • Collision – covers the cost of repair or the replacement of your vehicle (up to its actual value less your deductible) if you have a collision with another car or an object (e.g. tree, guardrail, or pothole).
  • Comprehensive – covers physical damage to your car (not resulting from a collision) caused by theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, lightning, explosion and chipped windshields.
  • Specified Perils – this is more limited than Comprehensive. It covers physical damage to your car caused by a specific list of perils such as: fire and lightning; theft or attempted theft; windstorm, earthquake or hail; explosion, riot or civil commotion; falling or forced landing of aircrafts or parts of the aircraft.
  • All Perils – provides you with the most complete coverage by combining Collision and Comprehensive coverages.
  • Loss of Use – reimburses you for alternative transportation (e.g. rental, taxi) if your vehicle is being repaired as a result of damage or theft.
  • Damage to a Non-Owned Vehicle – covers you if you damage a car you don’t own such as a rental vehicle.
  • Waiver of Depreciation – no depreciation will be applied if your new car (less than 24-months-old) is damaged in an accident.


Private Passenger Auto

Motor vehicles of the private passenger, sports utility or station wagon type used for pleasure or business purposes.

Artisan Vehicle

Under this definition, the usual industry restriction of the vehicle being immobile during the day has been removed.  Examples of artisan class would include florists, gardeners, tradesmen and/or contractors.


Motor vehicles that are at least 30 years old and have historic plates. Usually collector’s items and are used in parades, exhibitions and other similar functions.


Motor vehicles which, because of more recent manufacture or more frequent use, do not qualify as an antique automobile but, because of its rarity, body design, condition or special features, has a higher than normal market value.

Available Discounts

Multi vehicle, multi line, mature driver, retiree, grad license, education, renewal

Products and coverages may vary between provinces please speak to your insurance broker for specific information.